A Few Lenten Thoughts from Fr. Ray

lent-candles_widgetThis is our 4th Sunday in Lent – hope you are having a good Lent. It is more than half complete. This week, Fr. Carlos and Fr. Lazaro are busy with a Mission here at Church for the Spanish speaking. Pray that The Holy Spirit will be active in their hearts and all those who will attend. Not this week, but rather next week, – the 5th Week of Lent – you and your family will have MANY possibilities to receive the grace of God through the Sacrament of Penance (Confession). Recently, I listened to a talk given by Cardinal Sean O’Malley which was reflecting on the teaching of Pope Francis. Traditional morality always emphasized man’s fall – our falling into sin. Pope Francis is encouraging us to think of a morality that emphasizes God’s LOVE which is LOVE that picks us up to bring us back to life. Think of Confession in this light – when you receive this Sacrament think of God as pulling you up to bring you back to life. His Mercy is not just Redemption from Sin but it is the Lord pulling you up and bringing you back to LIFE. Don’t overdo the beating up of yourself for your FALL but allow God’s Mercy to touch you and PULL you up to New Life.

That following week, is Holy Week. Please put our Liturgical celebrations on your calendar. Two things that I want you to know as you plan your attendance. At our Easter Vigil, this year, we will not have any Baptisms. Everyone was baptized who has been a part of our RCIA program. So we will celebrate their First Communions and Confirmation. If you have not attended the Easter Vigil because you think it may be too long – this year it will be shorter. This might be your year to attend. Also once again we will have our Easter Sunday Sunrise Mass at the Beach – 6:00AM. This year Bishop Alex will be the main celebrant. Last year God provided dolphins and whales in the background. This year he will bless us with a Bishop and hopefully a wonder attendance to give him glory.