From our Pastor

  • Today is our First Sunday of the month, and it is a tradition to have a Second Collection, the money you give will go to our Maintenance Fund.
  • The painting of the Church Tower and Trim is now finished. The crosses of the Church were also painted. With the lights we have in our tower, our presence in the neighborhood should be felt. This project cost $13,000. It has been 5 years since the last painting. Thank you for your generosity to our second collection, the first Sunday of the month.
  • Monday is Labor Day. Pray and value the worth of labor. We are a work of God’s hands. Human life and human labor are all sacred.
  • School is now underway. Parents, pray for your children. Be certain to lift up your children, each day by name, to God. Children pray for your parents. Pray for your teachers. Everyone, please pray for all families but especially the young families of our OLG parish.
  • Please read in this bulletin about the Restoration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Project.
  • You are late if you are not registered and attending our Family Religious Education Program – this program includes First Reconciliation and First Eucharist and it has already begun. Our Confirmation program will be beginning in September.
  • RCIA begins second week of September. Are there people in your life who would like to become Catholic or people that you might invite to become Catholic? Are you baptized but have missed some of your Sacraments – Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation or Marriage. Please contact Livier Delgado, the Director, for more information or to register for this Faith Formation program.
  • Please consider Parish Pay. It is a great help, especially while you are away, to fund our OLG Parish. Thank You for your support of Together in Mission. It is not too late to join in this wonderful project of helping the poorer parishes of the Archdiocese.