Congratulations Confirmandi

Holy SpiritNext Sunday, May 5th at 3:00PM we will celebrate a very significant sacramental moment in the life of our parish youth. Bishop Oscar Solis will confirm 56 young people of our parish. This sacrament completes what was begun at baptism. As a parish community we need to continue to pray and support these youth. We would like to congratulate the Confirmation Team that has walked with these students in preparation for this day. We congratulate and encourage our First Year Confirmation class to continue to work hard and continue to bless our community with their vibrancy and enthusiasm and may God through the intercessions of Our Lady of Guadalupe touch the hearts of all these students and inspire them to lead good Catholic lives.

Congratulations , Alexis Anderson, Alexiz Armijo, Logan Branche. ,Kevin Cairasco, Marcopolo Campos, Mariah Caracoza, Antonio Cerros, Erika Cerros, Brenda Cervantes, Bianca Contreras Daniel Correa, Lillian Dougalas, William Evans, Kaelyn Flower, Victoria Friend, Amaris Garcia, Cole Greenbaun, Marcos Gutierrez, Kimberly Hernandez, Briana Jimenez, Sarah Ann Kano, Jonas Lastrapes, Karina Lozano, Stephanie Maldonado, Leslie Martinez, Yoceline Martinez, Yesenia Montano, Melissa Munoz, Gerone Navarro, Gillian Navarro, Serena Noone, Dustin Nykaza, Jason Orozco, Jennifer Pacheco, Rosalia Park, Lynnette Paz, Christopher Perez, Sierra Powell, Rebecca Ramirez, Renee Ramirez, Jonathan Rico, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Sergio Rodriguez, Kendra Torres, Vallery Torres, Maelia Uy-Gomez, Vejas Vasiliauskas, Amie Vu, Katie Weir, Samuel Yanez, Kenya Zanders, Sabrina Zavala, Erica Zepeda, and Perla Zepeda