Music Ministry Fund Raiser

Music MinistryDon’t you just love the Greeks? They gave us the “Kyrie eleison”, many well-known ancient philosophers came from Greece – Philosophy means “Lover of Wisdom” in Greek (how cool is that?!?), the ancient Greeks made awe-inspiring statues and architecture out of stone, and things like the “Gyro” which means “turn” as in something that turns as it cooks, is delicious, and is eaten as a pita sandwich! (Cue drum roll, please…) As a reward for all the Fridays of Lent that we are celebrating our 40 days in the desert, join us on Friday, April 5th for dinner at Daphne’s California Greek located on Crenshaw in Rolling Hills!!! It’s the Friday after Easter so everyone will be on Easter break! Please bring a flyer with you so our OLG Music Ministry will receive 20% back from your purchase! Thank you so much for loving and supporting what we do as a ministry.

Download the bulletin below and print “page 5” for the flyer!