A Note from Fr. Ray

I was blessed to be in Rome when the Conclave and election of the Pope took place. When I heard that our new Holy Father had chosen the name Francis, it brought me to tears. As Christians, we live in Hope. My Christian Hope has been renewed and deepened through my experience in Rome and Assisi. St. Francis would say to the Friars, preach always and sometimes use words. I encourage you to watch and listen to Pope Francis who lives the message of St. Francis through his life and service of the Church and the poor. May we follow his example. Last week I celebrated 37 years as a priest. I’m grateful to God for this gift that He has given me. Please pray for me and all the Friars during this Holy Week. Pray that we might be good servants of the Church and the People of God.

We celebrate Holy week, this week. Please live each day intentionally. Make this a Holy Week that deepens the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection in your life. May this week deepen your Christian Hope.

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  1. Maria Reyes March 25, 2013