The Lord Who Will Never Leave Us (Meditation)

Fishers of MenToday the world has special need of people whose minds and hearts have been enlightened by the word of the Lord and who can offer a credible witness that opens the hearts and minds of many others to desire God and true life, life without end (see Benedict XVI, Door of Faith, 15). On February 13, a more intense phase of the Year of Faith began. Ash Wednesday “opens the door” to the Lenten journey of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving that leads the Catechumens to the life-giving waters of baptism and the rest of us to the renewal of our baptismal vows. On the Sunday before Lent, to encourage us to turn away from sin and begin anew on the path of personal conversion and public witness, Luke shows us Jesus refusing to leave sinful Peter. Indeed, Jesus calls Peter to “catch” others so they can have life in all its fullness. Luke doesn’t say “fish” for people, as Matthew and Mark do, but “catch,” using a special Greek word that means “catch alive,” that is, rescue from the wild for a new and better life. We who have been “caught alive” to enjoy “life in all its fullness” are sent to rescue our brothers and sisters, fellow sinners, from danger and lead them to fullness of life with Jesus

Mission Prepare for a special “Year of Faith” Lent by identifying the sins that keep me from a deeper friendship with Christ and determining what specific form my Lenten conversion should take.