First Communion

We would like to extend our blessings and prayers to the following children who will receive their First Communion next weekend. May they continue to journey in faith in the footsteps of our Lord. We would also like to thank all the teachers, and to urge the parents to continue to bring children to Jesus, our way, our truth and our life. Congratulations, Cassidy Lopez, Sydney Lopez, Carina Munoz, Ciro Julian Tacinelli, Annabelle Torres, Dafne Torres, Alan Tapia, Jaquelin Adame, Viki Adame, Fabian Barajas, Erika Carillo, Angelina Gonzalez, Stephanie Gonzalez, Gabriel Loyola, Francisco Vargas, Sebastian Velasco, Edgar Murillo, Alejandro Murillo, Leslie Murillo, William Jimenez, Alaiza Montez, Rodolfo Angel Alvarez, Francisco Marquez, Michael Montiel, Diana Rodriguez, Monica Murillo, John Curry, Kai Rodriguez, Jose Aceves, Rafael Aceves, Calix Armijo, Faith Yellin, Isaak Aldana, Michael Arellano, Daniel DeLorge, Joel Dominguez, Casey Nykaza

A Big Thanks and Appreciation to all of our catechists and teachers and aides for their time, talent and treasure.

Patricia Contreras, Jennifer Shepphird, Kevin Lynch, Cathy Arianpour, Danny Olivas, Warren Flynn, Casilda Cervantes, Maria Campos, Marie Larson, Mario Palacio, Joyce Ann Armjio, Jamie Price,
Carmen Rodriguez, Letty Rico, Cheryl Meadows, Frank Hernandez, Claudia Mongiello, Cindy-Lopez-Hickson, Yadira Cervantes, and of course, Fr. Ray and Fr. Lazaro. Cheryl Hunt, Kathee Barnes, and Vicki Lee