Season of Lent

This year Lent begins on February 22nd on Ash Wednesday. Lent has been observed by Christians since the 4th Century. It is a time of reflection, penitence and spiritual renewal before Easter. Lent ends at midnight on Holy Saturday, the night before Easter Sunday. During Lent some Christians focus on giving up something.

Is it absolutely necessary for the observation of Lent to give up a delicacy or a bad habit or an hour of sleep in the Lenten period, should be a matter between a Christian and God. Some may decide to do something extra for their spiritual hindrance to the Spirit. Some may make a special sacrifice of some sort. And some may decide to improve their communication and fellowship with God by having special times of prayer throughout the day, or vow to worship in the church at every service held. The important thing is to make Lent a special time, a memorable time. A time so meaningful that it sets the tone for the rest of the entire year. At the very least it should be a time of sincere spiritual growth.

Jesus Christ - SDX

Please watch the bulletin for a list of liturgical and devotional services at our church this Lent. The Church’s year of growth will begin on February 22nd , 2012.

For a listing of Ash Wednesday services with distribution of ashes, please see below or check our Events calendar.

8:00AM: Mass with Distribution of Ashes
12:00PM: Service with Distribution of Ashes
5:30PM: Service with Distribution of Ashes
6:30PM: Service with Distribution of Ashes
7:30PM: Service with Distribution of Ashes (Español)